The following libraries form part of the University Library of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences:

- Main Library
- Special Library for Food- and Biotechnology
- Special Library for Economics and Social Sciences
- Special Library for Forest and Soil Sciences
- Special Library for Landscape, Spatial and Infrastructure Sciences. All libraries are located at different departments and facilities of the university.

Duties of the library contain:

  • Acquisition, indexing (preparation) and supply of all information media which are considered necessary to fulfil teaching and research assignments with simultaneous consideration of consistency and completeness of all media.
  • Provision of holdings for members of the university and the scientifically interested public.
  • Provision of information by means of worldwide data networks (e.g. internet) and databases including delivery of documents.
  • Maintaining and indexing historic and valuable stocks.
  • Cooperation with Austrian and International joint ventures for scientific information technology.
  • Collaboration and coordination with Austrian and European scientific libraries.
  • Electronic and conventional information services (e.g. database search or the use of  usual catalogues or bibliographies)
  • Providing library resources for using and borrowing.
  • Acquisition of literature via international and national inter-library loan.
  • Guided tours