Analogous to the course registration there are several possibilities for the exam registration.

Application "My Degree Programme"

Just as with the course registration, you can navigate to the correct node for the exam registration and register for the exam (if an exam date is stored).

Application "My Courses"

In the list of courses for which you are registered, the link "Examination dates" will appear as soon as an examination date for this course has been entered. A click on it leads to the course details where the button "Continue to registration" can be found.

Afterwards you have to choose the study program and the context of the study program (as before).

Application "Exam registration"

In the standard view you will find all exam dates for which there is an existing registration. The registration status can also be edited here (cancellation, re-registration).

Additionally, you can switch to "All exams" in the navigation and get a list of all open exams at BOKU. Similar to the search for courses, it is possible to search for free text, to limit the search to your own study plan or to search in a certain date range.