Time Server

Accurate time on your devices

BOKU has a time server (NTP server). With the help of a time server you can ensure that the current time and date is always set on your devices.

We recommend synchronizing the time on the PC with the time server - services such as automatic licensing with KMS only work if the date, time and time zone are set correctly on the client PC.

  • time.boku.ac.at

Set time server on Windows

Under Windows you need local administrator rights to enter a time server.

  • Press the Windows key plus the 'R' key, type in the 'Open' field: timedate.cpl
  • Click on the 'Internet time' tab
  • Click on 'Change settings' (here you may have to enter the admin password)
  • Enter the following for 'Server': time.boku.ac.at
  • Click on 'Update now'