The Research group activities are dedicated to Proteomics/Phospho-proteomics in Bioprocess Engineering and Protein Analytics by the characterization and analyses of protein formation derived from different eukaryote and prokaryote cells (for example E. coli, animal cells as well as fungi, plant cells). Moreover, we are elaborating innovative technology in the field of nanoparticles using quantum dot scaffolds for monitoring of molecular transport of proteins with intrinsic functions at tissue and cellular level. 

Our main topics include:

  • Establishment of work-flow protocols prior to gel-based and gel-free proteomics analyses
  • Application of Proteomics/Phospho-proteomics in bioprocess monitoring and recombinant antibody formation in different host cells (CHO-cells) and bacterial cells (E. coli).
  • Proteins with inherent bioactivity (Ani-freezing proteins and enzymes)
  • Bio-imaging using nano-sized quantum dots

The research activities are conducted either in our laboratories at the Department of Biotechnology or in collaboration with VIBTIFA-Tulln and Technical University of Vienna.


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