Vienna Institute of BioTechnology VIBT

Our Research Philosophy: Curiosity and creativity are the driving forces for scientific discoveries and the basis of technological innovation. The Vienna Institute of BioTechnology VIBT is a research initiative of several departments of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, location Muthgasse. The departments contribute with complementary and internationally renowned areas of expertise. It was conceived as a think tank and now serves as a research, treining and technology development site where curiosity and creativity meet. The research capacity, diversity and size of the VIBT offer the capacity and mix to facilitate scientific discovery and technological innovations in the life sciences. Its research and teaching cover a wide range of topics from basic research in the molecuar biosciences and biotechnology to applications in nutrition, bio-economics, sustainability and medicine.

Areas of Expertise

  • Development and optimization of biological cell factories
  • Development and optimization of biogenic diagnostics, therapeutics, process molecules and the respective biotechnological production prcess
  • Glycobiology, glycoengineering and glycobiotechnology
  • Ultra-trace analysis of natural compounds and pollutants, food, biotechnology, medicine and cultural history
  • Optimization, development and safety of food along the supply chain
  • Biodiversity, molecular bases and utilization of plant and microbial systems
  • Bio-economic approaches to the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources
  • Nanobiotechnological solutions modeled on biological structures
  • Integrated water management and protection of the livelihoods of water in sustainable way
  • Bioinformatics: modeling of bioprocesses


Management and Administration

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