Food Biotechnologie

Biotechnology between Tradition and Innovation

The scientific work of the Food Biotechnology Laboratory focuses on various facets of enzymes (mainly hydrolases and oxidoreductases) as important biocatalysts from nature. The research activities range from screening for new enzymes, detailed biochemical characterisation of enzymes, improvement of enzymes by various state-of-the-art methods of ‘enzyme engineering’ up to establishing food-grade microbial expression systems based on lactic acid bacteria. Overall, this research is aiming at the establishment of novel biocatalytic processes for the production of food-relevant compounds, such as prebiotic sugars, or the development of improved and innovative biosensors / biofuel cells employing enzymes. The laboratory is part of several BOKU-wide consortia such as the doctoral programme BioToP and the K2 competence centre ACIB.


Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Dietmar Haltrich Muthgasse 11
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Katharina Grünböck
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