The working group Food Technology offers services and support in the following areas:  

  • Applications for projects and funding
  • Conduction of literature research
  • Consulting related to food raw materials, ingredients, processing and product quality
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Product development from idea to market (in cooperation with BOKU:BASE)
  • Product and process optimization in pilot scale
  • Basic research related to food science and technology
  • Use of equipment in the food technology pilot plant (in cooperation with BOKU Core Facility Food & Bio Processing)
  • Conducting chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of raw materials, ingredients and foods

Premises and equipment

The working group offers a well-equipped pilot plant including storage rooms and analytical laboratories. This enables the accomplishment of all relevant unit operations and processes related to the production and processing of food on a semi-industrial scale. The pilot plant is used for teaching within the framework of the food science and technology program as well as for practical work related to diploma theses, dissertations and research projects. The pilot plant infrastructure and related research services are also available to interested company and research partners via the Core Facility Food & Bio Processing. Further information on the equipment and the services offered can be found on the website of the Core Facility Food & Bio Processing, or by using the following link: