Build like Nature: Resilient Buildings, Materials and Society (Build.Nature)

The Doctoral School BUILD.NATURE promotes an inter- and transdisciplinary research regarding the design and construction of life cycle-oriented building technologies for the future society.

BUILD.NATURE emphasises on minimising environmental impacts, integration of structures in natural peripheries, design and adaptations of buildings for future climates, low to no-waste strategies, and low energy consumption.


The three pillars of BUILD.NATURE are Resilient Buildings, Materials and Society




The vision of BUILD.NATURE is to bundle the strong competences of BOKU regarding research for the design and construction of resilient buildings with minimal environmental impact, in combination with material development and socio-economic aspects.

BUILD.NATURE forms a research and training network of researchers that creates the surrounding to perform excellent research with respect to building the living space for tomorrows society in consonant with nature, and closed material cycles.