ILWA SR 22 additon of ceiling mounted power cubes

The existing power sockets in the seminar rooms on the first underground level of the Ilse-Wallentin-Haus are sparse.

There are only a few power sockets on the outside wall. However, students who sit at the other end of the room and need to charge their notebooks have little use for them.

For this reason, we have equipped seminar room 22 (ILWA-U1/05) with ceiling mounted suspended power cubes in a pilot project.

The advantage of this solution is that it retains the flexibility of table placement. They can be arranged in rows (with a clear view of the blackboard) as well as in any other seating arrangement. They can be rearranged quickly and individually, without tedious plugging and unplugging of table socket strips or moving of socket columns.


Together with the ÖH, an evaluation of the suitability of this system is planned for the end of the 2023 summer semester. Depending on the budgetary situation, further classrooms can then be equipped accordingly.

However, we are already looking forward to receiving feedback: h17300_office_fm(at)

Use of the power cubes

Use of the power cubes

To use: Pull the cube until the desired length is reached and then pull it until you hear it click into place. 

To reset: pull the cube until you no longer hear a "click" sound and then slowly guide the cube back to its original position.