BOKU Location Muthgasse (Vienna)

A few BOKU buildings are located in the Muthgasse, near to the station Heiligenstadt, in the 19th district of Vienna, including the Vienna Institute of BioTechnology (VIBT).

Buildings in the Muthgasse

Emil Perels Haus ("Muthgasse I")
Muthgasse 18 / Nussdorfer Lände 11
1190 Wien
Phone ++43-1-47654-0 Armin Szilvinyi Haus ("Muthgasse II")
Muthgasse 18
1190 Wien
Phone ++43-1-47654-0 Simon Zeisel-Haus ("Muthgasse III")
Muthgasse 11
1190 Wien
Phone ++43-1-47654-0 Rented building
Muthgasse 107
1190 Wien
Phone ++43-1-318 99 00