Please note the new "Affiliation Policy" of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, which was published in the university's newsletter ("Mitteilungsblatt").

This Guideline applies to all scientific and non-scientific general staff of BOKU as well as to emeritus and retired university professors, retired university lecturers, master and doctoral students. Furthermore, it applies to visiting researchers, research fellows and employees of strategic participations of BOKU, provided that they belong to a BOKU working group. Furthermore, it applies to former scientific and non-scientific staff of BOKU who complete and publish research work started at BOKU after transferring to another institution.

This Guideline applies equally to all publications and other written documents that are directly related to BOKU (research, teaching, continuing education, knowledge transfer, social responsibility and administration). This also includes publications in the field of research transfer, social media contributions as well as print and audio-visual media. Furthermore, this standardised affiliation designation applies to lectures, to the organisation of and participation in congresses and other events, as well as to research proposals, service inventions and patents, etc. This Guideline is mandatory, not only for first and corresponding authors, but also for senior, co- and last authors.

This Guideline was decided in the rectorate meeting on 07.09.2021 and comes into force on 30.09.2021 (date of publication in the Official Journal No. 27 / Academic year 2020/2021)



You can download the policy here:

Here you can find examples of the correct application of the Affiliation Policy: