Cooperations, collaborations and networking are the key words in our daily business in the field of technology transfer. Therefore, we want to introduce some partner institutions and thank them for the constructive and reliable collaboration!

AWS - austria wirtschaftsservice

aws is the federal development bank of the republic of Austria and provides loans, grants and financial help for research and founder projects or patents. At the same time aws is partner of BOKU for evaluating and explolitation of invention disclosures.

acib - austrian centre of industrial biotechnology

acib is

  • the preferred research partner in industrial biotechnology with 25+ years of experience in applied industrial science with 250+ highly qualified scientists developing 45+ industrial and strategic projects in 6 fields of expertise
  • an international partnership of 120+ universities and
  • leading companies the international centre of Austrian research activities in industrial biotechnology

tecnet equtiy

tecnet equity helps you to prepare the way of an innovative idea into a successful product:

  • advise researchers on patents and exploitation,
  • find patent literature and do market evaluation,
  • finance patent applications or the development of prototypes,
  • develop recovery plans for EU projects and implement them,
  • commercialize inventions and conclude licensing agreements.

The team has solid expertise in life sciences, product development, intellectual property, innovation management and marketing. The services are free for BOKU members.

accent - accelerating ideas

accent is the incubator of Lower Austria and is therefore the first point of contact for an cost-effective implementation of technology-intensive and innovative ideas. The aim of accent is to create a fruitful basis for highly innovative start ups and guide them successfully on their way into business.

INiTS - innovation into business

INiTS is a business incubator designed to improve the rate of startup success in Vienna by helping young entrepreneurs conceive, launch and grow the next great company. During our intensive incubation program, startups receive hands-on support, resources, a network and an office space to bring them to the next level.

AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology takes a leading position in the Austrian innovation system and a  key role in Europe as the RTO focusing on the key infrastructure topics of the future.

wood Kplus

Wood Kplus is a leading research institution for wood and related renewable raw materials in Europe. Core competencies are in the field of material sciences and process technologies along the entire value chain - from raw materials to the finished product. Methods and fundamentals are developed and research is applied at the interface between business and science.