Internal Pre-Submission Clearance of Research Projects

At BOKU, research projects require internal pre-submission clearance BEFORE an application is submitted to a funding body or a proposal is sent to a client.
Approval is obtained by the internal pre-submission clearance (ePM) and is usually granted by the head of the department or in case of strategic projects by the Vice Rector for Research & Innovation.

Grant, Contract or Cooperative Research - why is the distinction important?

The award procedure, i.e. according to which rules a proposal or an application should be submitted, determines the BOKU-internal pre-submission clearance. There are three options for research projects:

  • Grant Research
  • Contract Research
  • Cooperative Research

The award procedure results more or less from any grant and contract conditions and must be clarified BEFORE submitting an application / a non-binding price information or a non-binding offer to a grant / contracting agency or potential cooperation partner.

Contact FoS-Projektsupport at an early stage, especially for contract research and cooperative projects, to clarify the general conditions and further procedure. Mail: projektsupport(at)

To the internal pre-submission clearance system (ePM)

Procedure of the internal approval process for

Grant Research

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Contract Research

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Cooperative Research

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The internal pre-submission clearance has to start at the latest two weeks before the submission by the project applicant forwarding the ePM.

In case of calls with specific requirements, the deadline for internal approval may be earlier (e.g. FWF ESPRIT, SFB, ....). These deadlines can be found in the FoS calendar "Current Research Calls".

For strategic projects, contact FoS pre-award support at an early stage, at the latest 4 weeks before submission, in order to coordinate the further procedure. Please note that the approval by the rectorate requires a longer lead time.

About the basis

According to the legal requirements

- members of the scientific staff are entitled to carry out research projects according to §26 UG.

- each head of department is entitled to conclude contracts according to §27(1) UG.

In addition, the law contains an obligation to inform about the projects according to §§26,27.

Furthermore, in its audit report on "Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Acquisition and Management of Third-Party Funds at the Technical Universities of Graz and Vienna", the ACA calls for central reporting and recording of project applications. The two technical universities were audited as examples for Austrian universities.

At BOKU, this central reporting and recording is handled within the framework of the internal pre-submission clearance (ePM).

Additional Information

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