This was the field day 2022 at the BOKU Campus Tulln

BOKU celebrates 150 years of existence and the University and Research Center Tulln also celebrates.

On June 20, 2022, under the direction of Prof. Bürstmayr, Institute of Plant Breeding, the Field Day 2022 took place at the Campus Tulln.

The visitors and all other interested people had the opportunity to learn more about the following areas and topics and to immerse themselves in the daily research routine at the Tulln Campus.

Plant cultivation

    Sensor technology for Smart Farming
    Plant stress monitoring
    Current projects in plant cultivation

Fruit and wine growing

    Students vineyard - quarter of PIWIs and vine collection
    Education system - demo vineyard
    Greening variants, biodiversity
    Stress resistance research on grapevine: Semi-Controlled Phenotyping Platform

Plant Breeding

    Diversity in native cereals: 10000 years of cereals in one field
    Breeding research on soybean: food traits, gene introgression, phenotyping
    Resistance research: ear fusariosis resistance in wheat, durum wheat and oats
    Phenotyping with high-resolution RGB camera mounted on a drone
    Resistance research: resistance to stone blight in winter wheat
    Diversity in oats: winter versus spring seeding.

The following images, taken at the field day, will take you on the tour again. Immerse yourself once again with us.


Crop Science Fiueld Day | 20. Juni 2022