Writing your Master's thesis at BOKU

Your Master's thesis should be written in a topic related to Animal Breeding and Genetics and has to be supervised by a BOKU-Professor in this area. In addition, you also need a co-supervisor from your first-year-university.

To find a topic for your thesis and supervisor, you will have to contact potential supervisors directly. It is useful to pick a topic and supervisor in the area of your study which you personally prefer. Some departments/institutes offer theses topics on their webpage or during a thesis fair, which is promoted on their webpages. You can also check the pinboards of the institutes for project announcements or get directly in contact with lecturers in the areas where you want to write your thesis.

Required documents for the registration of your Master's thesis

Required documents for the registration of your Master's thesis

You have to register your Master's thesis at BOKU Study services as soon as the task, the supervisor and co-supervisor have been fixed.

Form “Master's thesis registration = Anmeldung der Masterarbeit”  with signatures of:

  • supervisor
  • co-supervisor
  • the head of the institute of the supervisor and
  • the study programme coordinator

Please download the form from the webpage of the Study services.