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A wetland in the mountains

Joint MSc Programme Limnology & Wetland Management


The MSc programme Limnology and Wetland Management, is jointly offered by Egerton University in Kenya, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and IHE Delft (Institute for Water Education), The Netherlands. The joint MSc programme combines European and African expertise and provides a unique opportunity of studying limnology both in the tropics and in temperate climate. The former LWE programme has been under review and has become now an even more attractive from 2012 onwards. Thus, we are inviting you to study in three different countries together with students from all over the world. All three study locations are world-famous tourist locations - Vienna (Austria), Nakuru/Egerton (Kenya) and Delft (The Netherlands) – thus, go for studying where others are going for holidays and sight-seeing!


Solutions developed through international partnerships is what everybody is talking about. The specialisation in Limnology & Wetland Management is making this come true. The specific and unique expertise of different countries and institutes is combined into an excellent mix that is more than the sum of its parts. Working within this unique network amplifies the benefits and values of working together. Limnology & Wetland Management offers the chance to study in different countries, meeting scientists from all over the world. Intercultural communication by experiencing different cultures and making international friends is an important objective of this programme.


The programme schedule starts in Vienna (Austria) at BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences for 4-months, followed by 4-months at Institute for Water Education (IHE) in Delft (The Netherlands) and the final 4 months are taught at Egerton University Njoro (Kenya). The academic year is followed by a 12-months research period, which can be carried out either in Austria, Kenya, The Netherlands or home country of the participant. Upon successful completion of the programme a joint Masters degree of the three cooperating universities will be awarded.

This joint Master programme combines the best parts of the cooperating partners. You will study the fundamentals in limnology and applied limnology at the renowned BOKU University, in which the well-known IPGL-programme has been recently integrated into. At IHE Delft you will study wetland management and interactions with local livelihood, processes and modelling of ecosystems. In Kenya you will investigate unique tropical lakes and rivers, such as Lake Victoria - the world's 2nd largest freshwater lake and the famous Kenyan Rift Valley lakes, which are habitats of millions of flamingos. You will be exposed to typical challenges in conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems in developing countries. The interdisciplinary project and fieldwork will give you the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge together with other international students.

After 12 months of intensive education, you will prepare your M.Sc. research proposal, carry out your research and write your thesis. You will be awarded the international joint degree certificate after 24 months.

For detailed information please go to the official website of the programme coordination: