If you want to apply for a CASIA scholarship and come to BOKU please follow these steps:

1.    Applying for the scholarship:

Application and selection procedures are online on the CASIA website.
If you have a problem with the website please contact our main coordinator in WUR: Ewa.Wietsma(at)wur.nl

Remark for PhD and Post Doc students: If you already have contact with a BOKU professor and he/she agreed to supervise you during your stay, please ask him/her for a confirmation letter and attach it to your application.

2.    Applying at BOKU

If you are selected for a scholarship, you will have to apply at BOKU.
Please be aware that the process is different for these categories of mobility:

  • You are a student coming for 10 months or less
    Please fill this Application Form and send it to me with all required documents, first by e-mail and then in original by mail.
  • You are a student coming for more than 10 months
    You will find the Application Form on our Registration office website. Be aware that those documents are different for Bachelor, Master and PhD.
    Follow all instruction on those webpages and send them to me by e-mail and then by mail as soon as your documents are ready.
  • You are a Post-Doc or an Administrative Staff member
    Please contact the local coordinator at BOKU (look at contacts) to prepare your programme during your stay at BOKU. If you haven’t attached any CV and research/programme proposal to your “scholarship application”, please send those documents to the local coordinator at BOKU as soon as possible and furthermore the desired date of stay at BOKU.

Please be aware that you are responsible for finding an accommodation for your stay in Vienna.

  • 6 months or longer at BOKU? Please have a look at our Welcome guide plan your life in Vienna
  • Less than 6 months at BOKU? Here you can find some tips for short term accommodation!

To plan your life in Vienna and your studies at BOKU have a look at our Welcome guide as soon as possible!

3.    Applying for a Visa, Resident permit

As soon as you get your “Confirmation of registration” at BOKU and your Invitation letter from the local coordinator by e-mail and Express Mail, you will have to apply for a Visa/resident permit to come to Vienna. Please be aware that this visa process may take a very long time (up to 6 months) and it is recommended to prepare all documents required as soon as possible.
To find the next Austrian Embassy you may check the website of the foreign Ministry.

As this process may take a lot of time, we ask you to keep your local coordinator at BOKU (and your supervisor) up-to-date regularly.