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Joint Study Incoming students

BOKU, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (A WIEN03)  is looking forward to receiving your students!

Please also see our Joint Study Fact Sheet for information.


Please send the name, first name and e-mail address of the students that you nominate and the semester by e-mail to jointstudy(at) 

  • Nomination deadline for winter semester/study year: April 30
  • Nomination deadline for summer semester: September 30 

As students will require to obtain a visa we recommend nomination even earlier (obtaining a visa can take up to 3 months)


The application is ONLY possible after having received the nomination by the outbound exchange coordinator of the partner institution.

  • Application deadline for winter semester/study year: June 30
  • Application deadline for summer semester: November 30

After nomination has been received and accepted please fill out the Application Form and send it together with the following documents to the BOKU Joint Study Exchange Coordinator. 

Application Documents:

  • Completed application form including learning agreement and documents asked for:
  • Evidence of adequate proficiency of English:
    • For example: Completion of a study programme that was entirely taught in English from countries with English as the official language) - see below

  • your academic transcript (an official list of courses you have attended so far/ original + copy in English or German translation)
  • a copy of your bachelor’s degree or an equivalent amount of ECTS credit points if you want to register for a Master programme
  • a copy of your diploma degree if you are a PhD student
  • a copy of a German or English language certificate (it is also ok if language certificate is indicated on the transcript of records) - if they are not mother tongue or language of instruction at your institution 
  • a copy of your student ID card (page with your picture)
  • a copy of your passport (page with your picture)

ALL documents have to be sent by e-mail by this deadline.

f you fulfill the requirements an admission letter will be sent to you (via e-mail and hard copy to your exchange coordinator). With this admission letter you can apply for your Visa. Please note that this letter will be a temporary admission for a max. of 2 semesters. 

Find more information on the nomination and application process in  the BOKU Exchange Fact Sheet!

Suggested level of language proficiency for exchange students

  • English or German at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Languages
  • Adequate English proficiency on Level B2/C1 evidenced by a certificate that proofs language skills, for example:
    • Language Certification
    • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English
    • IELTS results 6.0 or better
    • TOEFL (paper based 577 or computer-based 233 or 90-91 internet based)
    • TOEIC (at least 785 points)
    • Completion of a study programme that was entirely taught in English (language of instruction) from countries with English as the official language

Confirmations & Transcripts

Incoming students can request confirmations via e-mail. Of course we will also sign confirmations issued by home universities additionally, if provided by the students.

Students can download their transcripts of records from their BOKUOnline account by themselves. These transcripts are legally valid and bear an official digital signature. No additional signature is required.

If you require a hard copy of the transcript please contact our Exchange Coordinator.

Current Covid-Information

Please check and for our current COVID-19 Information.

Information for your students

All information for your students in summarized on our website:

Joint Study Incomings

Additional Information on social life, accomodation, planning one's stay at BOKU and Life in Vienna can be found on our portal: Information for partner institutions


A full semester load corresponds to 30 ECTS. A minimum of 16 ECTS is recommended. Students can chose from the whole course catalogue and are not limited to one subject area. In the course description you can see which requirements you need. Bachelor students can also take Master's courses.

Semester Packages (Suggestion of courses taught in English language sorted by subject areas):

How to look for courses:

You can find all courses in our BOKUOnline System: BOKU Online- Course Selection

Language Courses:

German Intensive Language Course before the beginning of the semester:


For organizational concerns and questions of all kinds:

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Eleonora CONI (see consulting and working hours)

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