Evaluation of Language Skills

BOKU-International Relations offers the possibility to evaluate your language skills in an examination and issues a language certificate. This certificate serves as a proof of language proficiency for BOKU-students spending a semester abroad. The BOKU language certificate is only valid at BOKU and BOKU partner universities in the context of mobility programmes. Please determine your language level according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages before you register for the examination.

The following skills will be tested during the exam:

  • Reading competence
  • Oral communication skills 
  • Writing competence

Duration: 45–60 minutes

Fee: 55 €

Please contact the study programme coordinator for your selected programme/country for details on the required examination/certificate level. Once you know which level you need the certificate for, please apply for the language examination of that level, using the form below.


Please register up to eight weeks before your planned language examination. Please note that exams only take place during term-time, not during holidays.

Exam days for French and English are wednesdays and thursdays!

Please contact sprachkurse(at)boku.ac.at including these details in your email:

  • First name and surname
  • Matriculation number
  • Contact details (email address and telephone number)
  • dates you have time to take the exam: calendar week, weekday and morning/afternoon/whole day (please note that usually exams only take place on wednesdays and thursdays as our language teachers are at BOKU on these days).
  • Language and level you want to be tested in (e.g. French, Italian and Spanish either on level A2, B1 or B2 and English on level B2 or C1).

By emailing us the required personal data as listed above, you declare your consent to our use of the data for the sole purposes of conducting the language exam and of issuing the language certificate. The data processing is carried out on the basis of Art 6(1a) GDPR. We do not share any data received with third parties.

You will then receive an e-mail suggesting a date of examination. Please confirm the appointed examination date within one week.

As soon as your examination date is set, please transfer the fee of EUR 55,- to our bank account (you will receive the bank details via e-mail), inlcuding "Language certification+ your name" as reference of the transaction.

If you need to cancel, contact BOKU-International Relations at least three days before the examination date, otherwise the fee cannot be returned.

As soon as your certificate is ready, you will be notified by email.

There are no examination dates during lecture-free periods.

We will tell you the seminar room and building for the examination by email.

For further information please contact sprachkurse(at)boku.ac.at.