Daycare groups

Daycare group:NurseryFamily group 1Family group 2
Age:1 year up to 3 years2 years up to entering primary school2 years up to entering primary school
Number of children:15 children20 children20 children
Opening hours:Mon-Thu 7:45-17:15 Fri 7:45-15:30

Closing times

  February April Mai June summer holidays October November December
2023 13.2. 10.4., 14.4. 1.5., 18.5., 29.5. 8.6.,  24.7.-4.8., 15.8.,  26.10. 1.11. 8.12.

Currently for each group certified supervisors and assistant supervisors are employed. The children meals (morning sandwich, two-course lunch and afternoon sandwich) consists of daily prepared, fresh organic food (“bio”). Currently a cook is employed.