933062 Organic agriculture

Lecture and seminar
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Freyer, Bernhard , Oberländer, Sarah , Wagner, Florian
Offered in
Wintersemester 2018/19
Languages of instruction


The 17th event in the survival philosophy series takes place in the 1st district: Bookstore 777, Dieter Würch, Domgasse 8, 1010 Vienna, Austria
(starting from Türkenschanze you have to plan a good 30min with public ones)

About friendship
What is friendship like? Friendships determine life. This requires sympathy and trust, openness and affection. They are significant between two people, within a community, or within and between societies / nations. A friendship for a lifetime, in a partnership, as a buddy, spezel, buddy, true friendship, in passing for a moment, friendships in social media or based on immediate encounters, binding / non-binding, hospitality as an expression of a personal attitude, a culture, friendships as a means to an end, a contractual relationship between parties or states, they are forged or won - there are a variety of forms and contents, why and how friendships are lived. And there are friendships between humans and animals. Friendships are subject to change, e.g. through separations of any kind, changes of place, changes of profession, etc. They are the subject of philosophy, psychology, behavioural biology, sociology, politics, sexuality, culture and literature. In the seminar "Philosophy of Survival Means" we will first develop our own understanding of friendship, ask third parties about their understanding of friendship and will then deepen this topic with lectures from various disciplines.

Date Title (preliminary) Speaker Method
02.10. What do "we" mean by friendship? Bernhard Freyer, Students V, GD, P
09.10. Thomas Mach inquired V, P
20.11. Bernhard Schmid inquired V, P
27.11. How do "others" understand friendship? Bernhard Freyer, Students GD, P
03.12. "Because he was him; because I was me": about friendship Donata Romizi V, P
11.12. Title open Katharina Lacina V, P

V-Lecture; GD-Group Discussion; P-Plenum

In order to achieve a well-founded understanding of the topic, a participation in 5 of presumably 6 dates is desired.
For the recognition of the LVA a seminar paper is to be provided to the extent of approx. 3000 words. The topic can be chosen individually in the context of the course. For the seminar work it is also necessary to register for the examination. Deadline (= exam deadline) is 30.04.2019.

Previous knowledge expected

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

While society proclaims on the one hand side sustainability but on the other hand side a short term economic approach is dominating individual and societal practises, there is evidence that at an University a lecture is offered on philosophical reflexions combined with scientific approaches and societal-political developments.

The lecture “Überlebensmittelsphilosophie” offers the students an insight into philosophical, societal, science theoretical, ethical and religious topics and discourses. The presentations follow yearly specific thematic priorities. The students are able to relate their own practises in context to the lecture presentations. They are motivated for critical reflexions on science.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.