810001 Global change and sustainability and their security relevance

Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
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Sommersemester 2020
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"Global change and sustaibility and their security relevance"
Topic Summer Semester 2020:
Climate Wars: How the climate crisis interacts with conflicts
Seminar in cooperation between BOKU and "Landesverteidigungsakademie" (LVAK), organised by the Center for Global Change and Sustainability and the Department of Water-Atmosphere-Environment.
The seminar is headed by Univ. Prof. Dr. Helga Kromp-Kolb and Dr. Thomas Pankratz.

Climate change is one of the core challenges for all of humanity in this century. In security policy discussions, climate change is associated with an increasing potential for conflicts and wars, even though the exact nature of the interaction remains unclear. Scientists however assume that ongoing climate warming will lead to more frequent violent conflicts and even wars - both domestic and cross-national.

Overall goal of this lecture jointly organised by LVAk and BOKU is to promote a transdisciplinary approach in answering these questions. Experts from BOKU and LVAk will present their view and will support the students in delving into a selected topic in groups. The thematic field of climate and societal change will be analysed and discussed under ecological, economic, societal, security and historic aspects. A focus of the discussion will be the security implications for Austria.

Previous knowledge expected

Interest in current problems on the regional and global scale, willingness to delve deeper into an existing or a potential trouble spot, the causes, impacts and possible solutions.

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

The objective of this very interdisciplinary course is to introduce participants to new viewpoints and to sharpen the ability to observe and evaluate resource problems in the context of a comprehensive understanding of security. The rather resource oriented approach of the BOKU and the more security oriented approach of the LVAK will hopefully interact to give additional value to all participants.
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