931319 Seminar on animal husbandry systems

Lecture and seminar
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Schütz, Rudolf , Quendler, Elisabeth , Bauer, Alexander , Gronauer, Andreas
Offered in
Sommersemester 2021
Languages of instruction


1.Analysis of actual situation and description of aims of farm management


1.2Farm situation and location, mean size of fields, mean distance from farm to fields

1.3Farm size (agricultural acreage, crop ratio, livestock, available manpower, necessary manpower)

1.4Property, farm tenancy, possibilities of farm tenancy

2.Aim of farm management

2.1Focus and size of future animal husbandry

2.2Change in crop ratio

2.3Change in manpower

3.Planning of animal husbandry and farm buildings

3.1Cattle husbandry

3.1.1Organisation of cattle husbandry (choice of housing system, animal welfare)

3.1.2Number of required animal places

3.1.3Feed supply and feeding

3.2Pig husbandry

3.2.1Organisation of pig husbandry (choice of housing system, animal welfare)

3.2.2Number of required animal places

3.2.3Feed supply and feeding

3.3Water supply

3.4Manure management (storage, treatment, spreading)

4.Arrangement and plans of farm buildings

5.Required side rooms

6.Organisation of work and manpower management

7.Ventilation and air conditioning


9.Capital requirements

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Planning animal husbandry with the help of concrete examples. Choose suitable procedures and give reasons for choice and describe integration of planned animal husbandry in whole farm management. Come to know relevant steps of planning from idea to realisation. Evaluation of planning of animal husbandry (animal welfare, economic efficiency, manpower requirement). Explain considerations and plans to farmer, architect and building expert.
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