853306 Environmental impact assessment

Lecture and seminar
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Offered in
Wintersemester 2020/21
Languages of instruction


The lectures cover the following topics: the history of the instrument - the content of the EU-Directives - comparative applications of the EIA instrument in the alpine region - legal foundations and requirements - case studies - further developments and recent content extensions of the SEA
During the practical sections, the students develop assessment frameworks (scoping phase) and all required information in a self-directed process and present their work in a classroom setting.

Previous knowledge expected

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Knowledge of the development and current practice of EIA and SEA - Insight into the main components and process of EIA and SEA in Austria - Knowledge of the main methodological approaches and their application - Comparative knowledge of the international application of the two impact assessment instruments
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