813100 Waste management and waste disposal

Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Allesch, Astrid , Hrad, Marlies , Huber-Humer, Marion
Offered in
Wintersemester 2020/21
Languages of instruction


Waste Management is a very interdisciplinary, application-oriented and “mundane” field of research and application. According to the 5-stage hierarchy of the EU framework directive, waste management activities ranges from waste prevention, re-use, waste recycling, energy recovery to waste disposal and landfilling. Thus, this basic course has to cover a wide range of subjects, and must provide the general basics and fundamental principles of waste management, including information on status quo and development of waste amount and quality inclusive influencing factors, legal and economic framework, natural scientific and technical basics as well as specific waste collection and treatment technologies and their impact and consequences on the environment. Main subjects are:
•General situation in waste management (Austria and Europe), Status Quo and development of municipal solid waste generation (amount and quality), impacting factors on waste generation, waste quantification and analyses
•Waste management concepts and impact on the environment
•Legal framework (Austria, EU), waste definitions
•waste prevention, selected topics and current examples from research and practice
•waste collection, separate collection
•material recycling, circular economy
•bio-waste, composting (compost), anaerobic treatment (biogas)
•thermal treatment, residues of thermal treatment
•mechanical biological treatment
•landfilling of waste and residues, barrier concept, siting, landfill techniques, environmental protection
•aftercare measures, remediation of old dumps and landfills

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Teaching of basics and relationships of the wide area of waste management including current problems and solutions from research and practice.

After attending the course and successfully passing the examination the students are expected
•to know about the general concepts, principles and technologies in waste management
•to be able to understand the interrelations between diverse concepts and approaches in an integrated waste management system
•to select proper concepts, technologies and approaches for specific questions, problems and application in practice
•to assess the consequences of applying specific concepts and technologies in practice on the overall waste management system and the environment.
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