733321 Organisational behaviour and gender issues

Lecture and exercise
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Darnhofer, Ika
Offered in
Sommersemester 2023
Languages of instruction


The course will cover following topics:
+) Communication: supportive communication, obstacles to effective communication, BOFF-model of feedback, gender-inclusive language, gender aware communication
+) Decision making: models, the role of creativity, ethics in decision making, sexual harrassment in the work place
+) Perceiving people: framing, inference, bias, microaggressions,
+) Benevolent sexism in the work place, androcentrism, gender roles and work-life balance

Please note: attendance in the first class is compulsory.
Please read the syllabus (downloadable below under 'further information') for more detailed information about course content and modality!

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Upon successful completion of the course, students can:
+) assess how (unconscious) bias affect behaviours in organisations;
+) further develop and enhance the interpersonal skills that are essential for being an effective member of organizations;
+) apply a framework for assessing the ethical implications of gender roles in the workplace;
+) critically reflect and challenge existing attitudes and practices in the workplace, esp. with regard to gender issues, and work-life balance.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.