735307 Seminar agricultural marketing

Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Meixner, Oliver
Offered in
Sommersemester 2023
Languages of instruction


The relevant topic will be presented within the course.

Working out a scientific seminar paper (supply chain food), with special emphasis on
- Ecology
- Ethics
- Consumer protection
- CSR etc.
in the European Food Industry.

Incoming students are welcome! English speaking seminar teams will be instructed separately in English. They will work out the seminar paper in English. Please contact the lecturer in advance to get more details about the organization of the course.

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Students learn how to elaborate a scientific seminar paper by means of literature research. They learn how to find specific questions in agricultural marketing in teamwork; if necessary, empirical approaches are welcome. After working out the seminar paper, the results will be presented in the classroom (improvement of presentation skills).

The participants of the seminar work out their results by their own; they will be assisted by the lecturers of the seminar. English speaking participants are welcome. They can work out their seminar paper an present their results in English.

Students work in teams and learn how to elaborate a workload following the team concept.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.