737326 Biodiversity and land use change: A socio-ecological perspective

Lecture and seminar
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Offered in
Sommersemester 2023
Languages of instruction


Land use is one of the most important factors determining biodiversity patterns. Changes in land use and land-use intensity are widely perceived to be among the most important drivers of the current biodiversity crisis. This VS addresses this topic from a socioecological perspective. Major socioecological indicators of land use (intensity) and their relations to biodiversity are presented. The lecture part will include an introduction to the definition and components of biodiversity, theories on the role of energy as one of among several determinants of biodiversity patterns, socioecological indicators of land-use intensity, as well as the role of social metabolism and infrastructure development (material stocks) as driver of land-use change and biodiversity loss. In the seminar part, students will critically read, analyze, present and discuss current academic literature and are thereby introduced to the current research frontier in the subject area.

Previous knowledge expected

Basic knowledge in interdisciplinary sustainability studies, sustainable resource use and biodiversity

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

After successful completion of the course:
•Students know socioecological basics of land- use and biodiversity research and are proficient in the most important socioecological approaches to analyze socioeconomic drivers of biodiversity loss
•Have attained improved abilities to critically read, analyze, interpret and present scientific writings and are able to constructively participate in academic discourses on the subject matter of the course.
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