730103 Compulsory internship seminar

Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Gartner, Manuel , Schmid, Erwin
Offered in
Wintersemester 2022/23
Languages of instruction


The compulsory internship seminar for students of the Bachelor in Environmental and Bioresources Management (UBRM) is an integral part of the current bachelor curriculum.

This course comprises a preparation and a consecutive phase for the individual compulsory internship.

Preparation phase:
(I) registration for this course at BOKUonline
(II) pre-registration of the compulsory internship

Important note:
An internship pre-registration at the chairman of the Fachstudienkommission UBRM is only necessary
(I) if your company/organization is not in the list
http://www.boku.ac.at/universitaetsleitung/senat/aufgabenbereiche/kommissionen/fachstukos-doktoratsstuko-fachag-wb/fachstudienkommission-ubrm/praktikum-bachelorstudium/ OR
(II) if you would like to do an internship abroad!

Consecutive phase:
(I) fill in the internship application form
(II) get an internship confirmation of the company/organization
and upload both (I) & (II) in the BOKUlearn course (course no.: 730103, password: “pflicht2011sem”)
(III) fill in the online questionnaire at the BOKUlearn course, which serves as base for an Environmental and Bio-Resources Management internship exchange.

Important note:
The internship confirmation (preferably with the original letter of the company/organization) has to contain: address, date, name of the intern, internship duration, short description of the internship tasks and an original signature.

In case you already submitted your documents in paper form you can collected them from the secretary Iris Richter - please make an appointment (Guttenberghaus, top floor, on the right side, room DG/25).

If you have any further questions please contact the tutor: pflichtpraxis.ubrm@boku.ac.at

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

The compulsory internship seminar serves to prepare and follow up the compulsory internship. Students are able to present the tasks which they carried out during the compulsory internship in a well-structured manner and to document the professional relevance.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.