893328 Environmental practical course

Practical course
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Von Gäßler, Florian , Ottrubay, Adam , Pellegrini, Jakob , Sieber, Johanna , Wolf, Magdalena , Wöß, David , Kotik, Jan
Offered in
Sommersemester 2024
Languages of instruction


Environmental technologies include technological processes for a sustainable protection of environment and the restoration of already damaged ecosystems.

Concretely the terms of environmental technologies include:
1) Disposal (z. B. waste disposal, garbage incineration, recycling, creation of landfill sites, waste water treatment)
2) technical measures for water protection, soil protection, noise protection and radiation protection
3) methods for reducing air pollution ( flue gas desulfurization, exhaust gas purification, dedusting)
4) technical measurement and monitoring systems for pollutants and environmental damage

In the practical course selected exercises from this themes are executed.

Previous knowledge expected

Basic knowledge in energy and environmental technologies, but also in the fields of mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and energy engineering. Following LVA's are recommended for the practical course:
1) Process engineering I and II
2) Energy and environment engineering
3) Energy engineering

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

The focus of the course objects the practical application of theoretical knowledge in the areas of process engineering, energy engineering, environmental engineering and measurement engineering. Better understanding of various areas of environmental technologies and working with environmental plants in laboratory scale.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.