815102 Rural water management and protection of natural resources

Lecture and exercise
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Kurz, Florian Josef , Hofleitner, Hannah-Elisabeth , Strohmeier, Stefan , Kammerer, Gerhard , Nolz, Reinhard
Offered in
Sommersemester 2024
Languages of instruction


Concepts and measures for a sustainable use of the ressources soil and water, crop water requirements, agricultural water management (irrigation and drainage), soil protection (mainly erosion), soil water and groundwater protection

Previous knowledge expected

Wassertransport in der Pflanze, Regulation der Stomata (Phytohormone), Stoffwechsel und Biomasseproduktion (Photosynthese) / Botanik
Meteorologische Größen und Messverfahren dazu, Thermodynamik der Atmosphäre, Strahlungsbilanz, Energiebilanz / Meteorologie
Fließgesetze für laminare und turbulente Strömung in Rohren, offenen Gerinnen und im Untergrund (Geohydraulik), Eigenschaften und Funktionsweise von Pumpen, Rohrnetzkennlinien / Hydromechanik
Bodenbestandteile, physikalisch-chemische Eigenschaften, Bodenfunktionen / Bodenkunde
Bodenhydraulische Eigenschaften, Speicherung und Transport von Wasser und Energie im Boden (ungesättigte Zone), Analyse- und Messverfahren / Bodenphysik
Wasserkreislauf und dessen Komponenten / Hydrologie

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

- Describe transport processes of water and water vapor in the soil-plant-atmosphere system,
- describe causes of soil water deficiency, soil waterlogging, and soil erosion
- Describe measurement and calculation methods to determine plant evaporation and soil erosion.
- Name main disadvantages of waterlogging
- State qualitative problems of drainage
- Estimate irrigation needs and soil erosion,
- Dimension drainage systems
- Determine whether systematic drainage or improvement of hydraulic properties is appropriate to eliminate waterlogging
- Recognize and assess the environmental impact of irrigation and drainage
- Select and evaluate measures to improve the soil water balance and protect the soil
- Participate in the planning and permitting of agricultural irrigation and drainage systems
- consider the environmentally sound use of water when planning and operating irrigation and drainage systems
- Consider environmental, socioeconomic, and legal aspects in the planning, construction, and operation of irrigation systems and drainage facilities
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