854315 Landscape planning in the country

Lecture and seminar
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Gugerell, Katharina
Offered in
Sommersemester 2024
Languages of instruction


Landscape transformation in the era of the energy transition

In response to the effects of climate change, many countries are realigning their energy systems to the principle of sustainability. This will lead to the development of substantial renewable energy infrastructure (REI) like wind turbines and ground mounted PV plants within the next generation, which are likely to be built on exposed sites like mountain ridges or open fields with effects on the perceived landscape quality. Visual-aesthetic impacts are well known to affect social acceptance of renewable energy development (support vs. opposition). However, until today, landscape effects often play a minor role in siting processes as these are often driven by economic and correlated technical efficiency aspects of the infrastructure (yield related developments).

This class will highlight the meaning of landscape in cultural landscape transformation processes like renewable energy infrastructure developments. We will elaborate the very principal understanding of both landscape and certain REI by people. We will further elaborate the multi-dimensional construct of “social acceptance” following the approach of Wüstenhagen et al. (2007) and we will identify potentially relevant stakeholders to complement the understanding of actual planning processes. Our goal is to elaborate and discuss potential ways to improve the understanding of landscape related aspects by decision makers, which could be crucial for a sound siting procedure.

Time schedule and (preliminary) contents:
1)March 18th 2022 (13:30-17:30): basics and further procedure* (VO)
2)March 25th 2022 (13:30-17:30): literature research (landscape, social acceptance)
3)April 8th 2022 (13:30-17:30): identifying stakeholders & planning of Interviews
4)Mai 6th 2022 (13:30-17:30): 1st reporting & project work in small groups
5)Mai 20th 2022 (13:30-17:30): consultation & project work in small groups
6)June 3rd 2022 (13:30-17:30): 2nd reporting & project work in small groups
7)June 24th 2022 (13:30-17:30): Presentation
* the detailed content of our sessions will be discussed with the students in the first lecture.

Previous knowledge expected

Basic knowledge of the landscape architecture and planning according to the curriculum (survey methods, project structure, sustainability criteria, documentation methods)

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

1)Meaning of landscape and REI for people
2)Understanding of the multi-dimensional concept of social acceptance
3)Understanding of actual siting procedures
4)Elaborate landscape related key aspects
5)“In field” experience with experts (stakeholders)
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