736308 Food law

Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Natterer, Andreas
Offered in
Sommersemester 2024
Languages of instruction


According to EC- Contract and its stipulated regulation of free movement of goods, the EC-basis decree of food law (178/2002) and the new LMSVG (BGBl.No. 13/2006 idgF), the particular EC regulations,their execution and possible options for edibles (including NEM and additives) will be described as well as for cosmetic substances and commodities of LMSVG. The provisions of EC law for hygiene in general (852/2002) and for hygiene for foodstuffs of animal derivation in particular(853/2002), the specialities will be outlined, as well as the specialities of Austria, namely the Adjustment-, Direct Marketing- , Raw Milk ´ and Retail decree /" die "Direktvermarktungs-, die Rohmilch- und die EinzelhandelsV")(BGBl II Nr.91,92,106 and 108/1006). For irradiation as well as for use of genetic engineering (also for the definition: "gentechnikfrei"/free of genetic engineering) for foodstuffs, the permissions (of EC as well as Austria) will be presented based on case studies.

The general labelling (EC-directive 2000/13/EU executed as LMKV), the nutritional value labelling, as well as various other labelling rules for specialities (especially protected indication of origin und protected geographical indication) will be described in general as well as in particular (e.g. "allergy labelling").

The Austrian book for foodstuffs (Lebensmittelbuch) as well as the worldwide Codex will be presented.

The EC- requirement of "retrieval" as well as the resulting need for (intra-enterprise as well as governmental) control including the scope of possible official actions in case of "unsafe" foodstuffs will complete the content of this course.

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Understanding of the principles of legal requirements and stipulations as well as the legal possibilities in relation to foodstuffs, cosmetics and commodities.
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