The tree ring is the focus of the work in the research field of wood quality and dendrochronology.
The work ranges from dating historical wooden objects and researching their origin to reconstructing past climates on the basis of tree ring widths. In the field of wood quality, these determined correlations are used to estimate the usability of the wood under future climate conditions.
Another area deals with the historical use of wood. The selection of wood species plays a central role here. However, the craft activities are also researched and documented.

Contact: Michael Grabner

Research and publications

Wood craft documented in detail

The knowledge and skills of traditional wood craftsmanship were passed on from one generation to the next. Much was not written down. Many of these activities were carried out within the rural sideline. The aim is to film such activities (e.g. tying rice brooms, making shingles) in detail with all the necessary information (e.g. felling time, drying time, etc.) and thus enable a reproduction of the product shown.

Theses (since 2015)


Sandra Karanitsch-Ackerl (2021): Dendroklimatologie in Ostösterreich.

Andrea Klein (2015): Historische Holzverwendung in Österreich.


Master theses

Konrad Mayer (2020): Intra-annual density fluctuations and climate: Novel approaches as a basis for dendroclimatologic research.

Franziska Reiter (2020): Anwendung der Infrarotspektroskopie zur Datierung von Holz.

Carina Heiling (2018): On the state of oak forests in Samothraki: Tree regeneration, restoration priorities and forest structure as a mirror of past land use on a Greek island.

Isabel Seisenbacher (2018): Wie beständig ist Tannenholz im Erd- und Wasserbau? Ein Lösungsansatz anhand historischer Holzproben.

Florian Linkeseder (2018): Analyse von Flößerkeilen zur Herkunftsbestimmung von Holz im Donauraum.

Bernhard Traxler (2016): Jahrringchronologien aus dem Waldviertel.

Ines Würtz (2015): Dokumentation der oberirdischen Biomasse und dendrochronologische Untersuchungen von Latschen (Pinus mugo spp.) auf einer Brandfläche in den nördlichen Kalkalpen.

Andreas Sommerfeld (2015): Lichtökologische Untersuchungen zur Verjüngung der Buche (Fagus sylvatica L.) im Wienerwald.