"LIGHT OF THE FUTURE" is BOKU's internal sustainability award, which has been awarded annually since 2015 to exemplary “good practice” sustainability initiatives in various categories. The coveted prize, endowed with 1,000 euros each, was again awarded in 3 categories this year. In addition, the ÖH Footprint Award was presented on the BOKU Sustainability Day.

You can find all the 2019 winners here!

Winner projects 2019

Research category

Miriam Lettner: Rethinking technology and product development in the context of the emerging bioeconomy (dissertation)

Social responsibility category

Birgit Fließer und Natalie Lehner: BOKU Bauern Markt

Environmental responsibility category

Andreas Klingler und Thomas Kitzberger: LED-Pflanzenbeleuchtung an der BOKU

ÖH Footprint Award

The team around the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY)

We warmly congratulate all award winners!