That was the 7th BOKU Sustainability Day with Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, Riyan van den Born and many exciting sessions by BOKU members

BOKU Sustainability Day 2021

"Shaping co-evolution: human-nature relationships as the key to sustainability"


Program review and detailed program

Biodiversity loss, the climate crisis and the outbreak of pandemics are ultimately an expression of a development that can be traced back to an imbalance between humans and nature.

In order to restore the balance between people and their natural environment, a holistic view of the different crisis phenomena is required, an insight into our mutual connection and a corresponding systemic and long-term solution strategy.

At the 7th BOKU Sustainability Day we highlighted the manifold relationships between humans and nature and discussed starting points for a successful and healthy coexistence.

  • How do we as humanity manage to co-exist in synergy with nature?
  • How can we anticipate and avoid emergent crisis phenomena?
  • How can long-term recovery of humans, natural spaces and animals be promoted?

We would like to thank everyone who was present at BOKU Sustainability Day on October 27th, 2021, presented, discussed and participated in this colorful and exciting event!

Here are some impressions of the day.

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