The 2nd BOKU Sustainability Day took place on June 2, 2016 - a day on which projects, initiatives and activities for sustainability were brought to the curtain at BOKU. Lots of inspired visitors, exciting content, artistic and interactive features and, above all, a good atmosphere were the fruits of this day!

HERE you can find more pictures of the day and evening event.

Video recordings, the program review, some scientific sessions, more photos and the winners of BOKU Sustainability Award can be found on the german version of the website.


Planning group:

  • BOKU Center for Global Change & Sustainability
  • BOKU event management
  • BOKU facility management
  • Strategic cooperation between BOKU and the Federal Environment Agency
  • BOKU staff unit for the care of people with special needs
  • Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development
  • sustogo

Sponsored by:

Aiming for a Green Meeting certificate