• Transformation

    Current global crises call for socio-ecological and societal transformation. Beyond technological innovations, we need to fundamentally rethink the way we relate to our ecosystems and to each other.

  • Dialogue

    We bring together actors across sectors, regions and disciplines, in order to achieve a transition towards sustainability.

  • Research

    We create a platform for BOKU scientists and national and international academic and civil society partners, co-designing research and working jointly towards achieving sustainability.

  • Transformative Learning

    Together with students, academic and civil society actors, we use co-learning to understand specific contexts and identify leverage points for change.

  • Gender and Intersectionality

    We apply intersectional and feminist approaches to uncover different dimensions and scales of inequality and discrimination.

  • Partnerships

    We foster strong partnerships in academia and beyond.

About us

Working with actors from science, practice, civil society, policy and the private sector we co-create andmobilise scientific knowledge for sustainable development.

We engage in research with partners, among other regions in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, and facilitate transformation processes towards sustainable food systems as well as sustainable management and governance of natural resources. 

IDR integrates competence in development research and global cooperation at BOKU, among others by coordinating the BOKU-Cluster for Development Research. We are active in international networks such as Agrinatura, the AfricaUniNet as well as the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria.

Our approaches are transdisciplinary, participatory, gender-transformative, intersectional, human rights-based and political-ecological. 

We work in three closely interlinked thematic areas:

Management and Administration

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