Climate change and bees

Within the Young Science research project "Climate Research in Austria - the future we want", pupils of the Sir Karl Popper School Vienna (SKP) visited the VIRIS laboratory for Analytical Ecogeochemistry on University and Research Tulln (UFT) .

The effect of increased air temperatures on the respiration of honey bees was investigated as a research case study under the direction of Thomas Prohaska (VIRIS), Stefan Mandl (professional beekeeper) and Peter Pany (SKP). The research bee hive was installed as part of the ‘Sustainicum project’ "BeeOMonitor". Andreas Zitek scaffolded the students with regard to the application of the scientific method, statistical analysis and implementation of data using a pedagogical concept, which he had specifically developed for schools. The practical laboratory work of the students was supervised by the laboratory assistants of the VIRIS laboratory (Christine Opper and Jennifer Sarne). Finally, the pupils gained an insight into the essential steps in the use of mass spectrometric techniques in analytical Ecogeochemistry by an interactive laboratory tour guided by doctoral students of the VIRIS laboratory (Anastassiya Tchaikovsky, Ondrej Hanousek and Johannes Draxler). Enthusiastic students and teachers called this university-school cooperation a "... showcase situation in the Austrian scientific community..." which should  "…play a much more important role in the future…” for “…enthusing young people for natural sciences.” Such activities make an important contribution to the 2013-2015 performance agreements between the Federal Ministry of Science and Research and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences related to the "societal goals". Research Group Analytical Ecogeochemistry (VIRIS)
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