Best Poster Award Elisabeth Lobner

Elisabeth Lobner, PhD student at the Department of Chemistry and member of the PhD program BioToP, won the Best Poster Award at the “European Congress on Biotechnology – ECB16” (Edinburgh, July 2014).

Her poster describes the construction of antibody fragments (Fcabs) binding to the antigen HER2 in a pH dependent manner. Overexpression of HER2 is known to be involved in the development of the most abundant types of breast cancer. The idea of this project was to decrease the affinity to HER2 at endosomal pH in order to reduce the degradation of the fragments and thus increase their half-life by recycling to the cell surface, where further antigen can be bound. The work was published in the Biotechnology Journal:

This work is supported by the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Antibody Engineering and the PhD program „BioToP – Biomolecular Technology of Proteins“ and supervised by Dr. Michael Traxlmayr and Prof. Christian Obinger.

Website of the PhD program BioToP: