TAmiRNA GmbH, founded in 2013 as a SpinOFF of BOKU and Evercyte GmbH, joined 42 other teams/start-ups from eleven countries to submit its business idea at this year’s Best of Biotech award program. The concept of TAmiRNA to use its microRNA technology for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for treatment of age-related diseases (for example osteoporosis) convinced the jury to place TAmiRNA among the top 4 business ideas.

This award underpins the innovative approach of TAmiRNA to use small non-coding RNAs
(microRNAs) that circulate in the bloodstream as readout for biological aging as well as age-related disease. Funded by the aws Seedfinancing program, TAmiRNA will conduct several clinical studies in 2015/16 to validate its current data and to provide sufficient evidence for the clinical utility of its diagnostic test to predict the risk of osteoporosis.

aws BoB: