First BOKU-graduates of the "Promotionskolleg Agrarökonomik" from BOKU

Dr. Mathias Kirchner and Dr. Hermine Mitter have been first to graduate from the "Promotionskolleg Agrarökonomik". Congratulations!

The Promotionskolleg Agrarökonomik (Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics) is a joint effort of 11 German research institutions and BOKU to offer a permanent structured training for doctoral students in agricultural economics.

Students can chose from more than 30 specialized one-to-two-week intensive courses offered at the participating institutions. A certificate is granted to those who collect at least 30 credit points from the areas theory, empirics, soft-skills and colloquia.

BOKU has been member of the Promotionskolleg Agrarökonomik since 2014 and is regularly offering two courses for doctoral students of all participating institutions.

Dr. Mathias Kirchner and Dr. Hermine Mitter are the first doctoral students from BOKU who have been granted the certificate. They were awarded the certificate directly after the official defense of the doctoral thesis by Univ. Prof. Dr. Erwin Schmid. Links: