BOKU research in natural materials

Every third year the "K" is taking place is Düsseldorf, Germany, as the word No 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber. This year, between October 16 – 23, this industry sector was again showing their most updated technologies, path-breaking innovations, and other visionary developments.

Bioplastics are still playing a subordinated role in the worldwide plastic production of 235 Million tons, although they are an integral part for a range of innovative developments. Many natural material-based recipes, new product developments, as well as production technologies have been substantially co-developed at BOKU. The Institute for Natural Materials Technologies at the IFA Department (Tulln) has been working for years with world-renown companies, and at the K 2016 some of the outcome of these research-focused collaborations was presented. Today, industry is in the position to provide machining equipment that is specifically suitable for bioplastic materials. Both, FASAL – the BOKU developed wood material, and BioBlo – the price winning gaming pieces made from wood and renewable materials –greatly helped to push the required technology developments.

Prof. Norbert Mundigler
Prof. Rupert Wimmer