Poster Award for Markus Schosserer (DBT)

Markus Schosserer was awarded with one of the poster prizes for his contribution "Two distinct ribosomal RNA base methylations modulate healthy lifespan" at the Gordon Research Conference "Biology of Aging" 2017 in Les Diablerets (Switzerland).


At the Department of Biotechnology Markus Schosserer studies aging processes of human cells and simple model organisms such as the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans.
This nematode allows the study of aging in a whole organism, especially regarding age-related changes of molecules, cells and tissues. Due to the lifespan of only thirty days, the decline of markers for healthspan such as memory function or mobility can be easily investigated within a short timeframe.
Two genes involved in the regulation of protein synthesis and healthy lifespan were already discovered within this project.

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