Poster Prize

At the international conference on "Non-Conventional yeasts 2018" in Rzeszow (Poland) in May 2018 Diane Barbay, Department of Biotechnology, was awarded the first prize for her poster presentation "The Cat8 transcription factors regulate carbon source utilization in Pichia pastoris".

Diane Barbay is PhD student of the working group "Microbial Biotechnology" and her research is focused on the metabolism of the yeast "Pichia pastoris". This yeast is characterized by the ability to metabolize methanol and it can even grow on ethanol. The prize winning poster presentation is on regulatory factors for utilization of ethanol and methanol in Pichia p. The results of her research are relevant for fundamental research on metabolism in this yeast but also of importance for the production of recombinant proteins.

This work is part of the strategic programme of acib (Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology). Diane is PhD student of the international PhD programme in "Biomolecular Technology of Proteins" (BioToP) - funded by FWF and BOKU and supervised by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Brigitte Gasser.

"Non-conventional Yeasts (NCY)" is an international conference series under the auspices of the International Commission on Yeasts (ICY) and was organized by the University of Rzeszow in May 2018. Poster prizes were sponsored by Springer Verlag und ICY. Furthermore Diane was awarded a FEMS Young Scientists Travel grant.

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