ASAC - Fritz-Feigl-Preis 2018

The Austrian Society for Analytical Chemistry (ASAC) awarded the Fritz Feigl Prize 2018 for scientific achievements in the field of analytical chemistry to Dr. Johanna Irrgeher from the Department of Chemistry for her research work in the field of elemental and isotope analysis.

The Fritz Feigl Prize is given to younger chemists with a focus on an academic career and is considered an award for their scientific development.

Fritz Feigl was an outstanding Austrian chemist, whose eventful life was marked by the political conditions in the thirties. Fritz Feigl was the creator of spot-analysis, a very simple and efficient analytical detection technique.

The prize was awarded to Dr. Johanna Irrgeher from the Department of Chemistry, Divison of Analytical Chemistry - UFT Tulln. The Fritz Feigl Prize is endowed with 1,500 € and was sponsored by Bruker Daltonics. After several years of post-doctoral studies abroad in Germany (Helmholtz Center Geesthacht, Germany) and Canada (University of Calgary), Johanna Irrgeher has only returned to Austria on October 1, 2018 and will continue her research in the field of isotope analysis using high-precision mass spectrometric methods.