1. International EFnet staff training on ecosystem services

The training is a platform to share knowledge and innovations in field experiment methodology. It offers tools from trial set up to data sampling, from planning to practical implementation. The focus is on improving ecosystem services.

The training is only for employees and especially for PhD students and postdocs who like to implement ecosystem services in their research. Content blocks:

  • trial set up and statistics (split plot design and data visualization); Karl Moder (BOKU) and Márk Szalai (ISTVAN)
  • cover crops (above- and belowground and imaging); Gernot Bodner and Pia Euteneuer (BOKU)
  • soil biota (earthworms); Hans Zaller (BOKU) and Pia Euteneuer (BOKU)
  • plant pathogenes (Sclerotinia, apothecia and pest biocontrol); Siegrid Steinkellner (BOKU) and Márk Szalai (ISTVAN)
  • available plant nutrients (rhizosphere, phosphorus and imaging); Jakob Santner (BOKU), Martin Kulhánek (CULS), Jürgen Friedel (BOKU)
  • Excursion (soil erosion) Andreas Klik (BOKU), 4. Oct 2018

Please register per e-mail stafftraining2018@boku.ac.at until the 18. September 2018 latest! The Training is free of charge. Trainings venues: Experimental farm Gross-Enzersdorf and UFT Tulln.