BOKU Ball Dresscode

A special occasion calls for special clothing! We are looking forward to welcome you in chic evening dresses or traditional garments, the so-called “Tracht”. Please note the dress code unter

Traditional garments are an integral part of Austria’s culture. Therefore there is a wide range of garb, ranging by purpose, from all day-dresses to festive ones, and by geographical region. The BOKU Ball is one of the few Ball events, where traditional garments are welcomed.

Traditional „Tracht“

  •     Dresses have to cover the knee and need to be worn with a blouse.
  •     Lederhose (traditional trousers) combined with stockings that are knee-high and traditional jacket
  •     Shirt with tie or so-called "Trachtenbinder"
  •     Traditional suit or costume

Evening attire

  •     Evening dresses must be floor length
  •     An elegant pantsuit can also be worn instead of a dress
  •     A dark suit, tuxedo or tailcoat combined with a single-coloured collar shirt and a matching tie or bow tie
  •     Elegant shoes

Please do not wear…

  •     Traditional dresses not covering the knee and garbs worn without a blouse
  •     Cocktail dresses
  •     Too light coloured suits, patterned collar shirts, casual street shoes or no ties or bow ties
  •     Traditional trousers not covering the knee or without knee socks

Please be advised that unsuitably dressed guests can be denied from admission to the venue, without a refund of the ticket price. The security team is instructed to expel unsuitably dressed guests from the venue throughout the course of the whole evening. If you have questions concerning your outfit please contact us at bokuball[AT]

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