Montafoner Wissenschaftspreis for glacier reconstructions in the Silvretta region

Sandra Braumann, PhD student at the Institute of Applied Geology, was awarded the Montafoner Wissenschaftspreis 2020. Every second year, the prize honors scientists who work on a wide range of topics related to the Montafon region.

Sandra Braumann has received the prize for an article titled "Holocene glacier change in the Silvretta Massif (Austrian Alps) constrained by a new 10Be chronology, historical records and modern observations". Sandra and her co-authors published their work in the journal Quaternary Science Reviews in fall 2020.

In the article, the authors present glacier reconstructions for the Ochsental in the Silvretta region covering the time period since the end of the last ice age (c. 12,000 years ago) until present times. Since alpine glaciers react very rapidly to climate change, glacier reconstructions provide insights into the climate of the past, thus increasing our knowledge of paleo-climatic conditions and the climate system in general. It is shown how different glacier archives, including cosmogenic isotopes in rock surfaces, historical documents and maps, and time series on glacier length variations and paleotemperatures, can be linked for generating a comprehensive glacier record.

The article is part of Sandra’s PhD project "Mountain Glacier Sensitivity in the Eastern Alps", funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ DOC scholarship. It was prepared within a collaboration between the Quaternary Group of the Institute of Applied Geology of BOKU, the Cosmogenic Dating Group of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) and the Department of Sedimentary Geology of the Austrian Geological Survey.



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