Transformations towards sustainability? Novel perspectives from Social Ecology.

The world is facing critical challenges, from climate change to the overuse of natural resources and the loss of natural habitats. Societies will need to undergo important transformations to become more sustainable. Leading these transformations requires a better understanding of nature-society interactions, as well as innovative ideas to apply scientific knowledge. This lecture series, offered by young scholars working at the Institute for Social Ecology, will reveal cutting edge results from the field of social ecology, and provide reflections and solutions on how this knowledge can contribute to a more sustainable society.

The series touches on several of the most pressing sustainability problems, from the transformation of global land use, diets, and livestock systems, to the achievement of well-being under material constraints, digitalization and the need for transsectoral collaboration. Students will as well be provided the opportunity to discuss with practitioners outside academia, to learn how academic knowledge can be transferred to other actors and contribute to the needed societal transformations towards sustainability.

Online lecture series. Hosted by: Verena Winiwarter
Tuesday, 16:30 - 18:00

2 March 2021
Short preview of all lectures, Info on requirements

9 March 2021
Sustainable resource use and current global challenges.
Barbara Plank

16 March 2021
The socio-ecological way to a healthy and sustainable diet. A story of land, nutrients, trade, 
and lifestyles.

Marie-Theres Wandl

23 March 2021
The complex story of livestock, land-use and climate change.
Lisa Kaufmann

20 April 2021
International trade of food and other land based products: narratives, data, methods, actors, and governance. 
Nicolas Roux

27 April 2021
Mid-term Q&A, with lecturers of the first lectures present.

04 May 2021
Well-being, consumption patterns and the limits of economic growth.
Barbara Plank

11 May 2021
Ecological Macroeconomic Models to Inform Circular and Post-Growth Economies.
Jan Streeck

18 May 2021
A socio-ecological perspective on digitalization and E-waste.
Nora Krenmayr

25 May 2021
Sustainability? just if all players cooperate. Environmental co-benefits of wastewater management systems.
Adriana Gomez Sanabria

1 June 2021
Nature-Based Climate Solutions: What they are, what they are not.
Manan Bhan

8 June 2021
The climate catastrophe. Between research and activism.
Discussion with invited guests.

15 June 2021
Eco-poetry and why it matters for sustainability
Manan Bhan

22 June 2021
Final Summary and Q&A Moderation: Nora Krenmayr


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